Common foot and ankle problems caused by snowboard and ski boots

foot ankle problems causes by ski boots

Our podiatrists’ guide to a safe ski season (with minimum foot and ankle injuries).

Are you ready for the snow this year? With only a week to go until the Australian ski season begins, it’s time to get excited for a snowy Winter! But before you start hitting the slopes, there are a number of things to consider before taking off to your favourite ski destination.

Every Winter, our sports podiatrists come across a range of conditions and injuries resulting from the snow season, which we’ve outlined below.

Snowboard and Ski Boots

Given that ski and snowboard boots are the complete opposite of shoes we wear in everyday life – ski boots aim to immobilise the foot, shoes allow the foot to move – there are a number of problems that may arise.

Common problems that arise from ski boots: 

If your snowboard or ski boots have caused feet problems in the past, be sure to book an appointment with your podiatrist before you leave for the snow.

Your podiatrist will be able to assist you in a number of ways, including:

  • Guidance on how to professionally fit your boots
  • Strapping and padding techniques to assist with pain and pressure areas
  • Ingrown nail management before you leave.
  • Orthotic therapy to optimise foot positioning

Chilblains / Cold Feet

Being exposed to extreme colds can increase your risk of experiencing chillblains: red, swollen lesions as a results of impaired circulation.

Having your podiatrist walk you through how to manage the colder climate and reduce your risk of experiencing chilblains will be essential.

Chilblain remedies include:

  • Proper fitting ski boots/ shoes to reduce rubbing and friction
  • Wearing proper layered clothing to keep your feet warm
  • Strapping/ padding to reduce high pressure areas
  • Utilising NSAIDS if you do have a flare up to reduce inflammation

Muscle Injuries

If you’re planning to ski for a number of days, chances are your muscles will be getting quite the workout!

Often this can be a much larger jump in exercise than people are prepared for and injuries can occur.

Common muscle injuries include: 

So, before you head off for the ski season, visit your local podiatrist to run you through a biomechanical assessment. This way we’ll be able to assess any strength imbalances, muscle weakness and overall fitness level, so you can go with a plan laid out for you!

Possible muscle injury treatments may include:

  • Orthotic therapy
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Strapping and taping
  • Footwear & ski boot advice
  • A management plan if something goes wrong on your trip!

If you’re thinking about going to the snow this ski season, book an appointment at Performance Podiatry today. Our expert sports podiatrists will guide you through a treatment plan and have your feet feeling healthy and ready to go!

Our podiatrists are experts in all conditions of the foot and lower leg and would be happy to help you participate in all snow-related sports strong and pain-free.


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