Swift Wart Removal

Plantar warts are a very common condition for people of all ages. They are a viral growth that can appear anywhere on the body, but are especially common on the sole of the foot. Due to the nature of the viral infection, warts generally go unnoticed by the body’s immune system, often lasting for months or years if not treated.

With the pressure caused by walking, warts often form hard calloused skin around them which can make treatment more difficult. SWIFT is a great wart treatment and one of the main reasons is that it bypasses the barrier made by hard skin and penetrates deep into the wart.


What is SWIFT plantar wart removal?

SWIFT allows your podiatrist to apply a localised application of microwaves through the skin surface to a depth of 2-3mm. This causes water molecules within the plantar wart to vibrate and experience friction. It stimulates an immune response, whereby the body recognises the plantar warts and begins to clear them up.

swift wart removal

How does SWIFT wart removal work?

Your wart can be encapsulated several mm below the skin’s surface, making it difficult to treat using traditional treatment methods. SWIFT wart treatment delivers a precise, controlled dose of energy to the plantar wart. As microwaves enter the wart, water molecules start to collide with each other and create localised heat energy, stimulating destruction of the virus within that depth range. Within seconds the treatment is complete and the healing cascade begins.

SWIFT Wart Removal


What makes SWIFT wart removal different to other treatments?

Swift has been an amazing addition to wart treatment for many reasons:

  • Treatment time is short and requires no downtime, meaning you can return to sport or activity straight after the treatment
  • No residual pain after the treatment
  • The overlying skin doesn’t need to be cut back, meaning less chance of infection and scarring
  • No damage to surrounding skin and tissue
  • No dressings are required
  • No smoke or burning


What can you expect from a SWIFT treatment?

SWIFT Wart Removal actual patient results before and afterSWIFT involves a short, in-clinic treatment. 2-3 treatments are usually required before resolution, generally 1 month apart. As there is minimal post-appointment discomfort, you will be able to comfortably get back to activity.

The current research on SWIFT therapy indicates a success rate of 75.9% for stubborn, long-lasting plantar warts. Resolution can occur during the treatment process or may be delayed and occur after the course of treatment has ended.


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