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Performance Podiatry was founded with a mission to maintain optimum foot and leg health by world-class prevention and treatment. Our exceptional practitioners are experts in biomechanics and it’s our philosophy that the finest foot care requires an entirely bespoke experience. That’s why we are dedicated to providing entirely tailor-made diagnosis and treatment services that are the best in Australia.

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Sean Fitzpatrick

Podiatrist – B.PodMed, Dip Hlth Sci

Sean is a compassionate and skilled podiatrist with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the foot and ankle. With a passion for helping patients regain their mobility to live pain-free lives, Sean has dedicated his career to providing exceptional podiatric care.

Sean completed a Diploma of Health Science prior to achieving a Bachleor of Podiatric Medicine at The University of Western Sydney. He has completed additional qualifications in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, orthotic design, dry needling and acupuncture.
Sean’s first appreciation for the value of podiatry began as a child playing Rugby. Sean was very fond of sports, but experienced knee pain, shin pain and he struggled to keep up with other kids on the sporting field due to his joint hypermobility. His parents had prior experience with podiatry for his older siblings and so knew to take him straight there. The podiatrist helped him with custom foot orthotics, dry needling, exercise therapy and footwear advice, and as a result he was able to play pain free. Needless to say Sean developed a fond appreciation for his podiatrist and the benefits of podiatry overall. During his treatment, Sean also had exposure to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors, and as a result is very familiar with the positive impact a team approach can have on a patient experiencing pain. 


Harriet Thurlow Podiatrist Sydney

Harriet Thurlow

Podiatrist – B.Pod., Dip Hlth Sci, ASCA Level 1 S&C

Harriet is passionate about all aspect of podiatry with exceptional experience in ingrown toenails, plantar warts and foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis and forefoot pain. 

She is a cheerful and vibrant podiatrist who has attained a wealth of podiatric experience since graduating in 2018 from the University of Adelaide.

Harriet is skilled in the conservative and surgical management of ingrowing toenails and plantar warts. This is complemented by her unique qualification of endorsement of scheduled medicines, which allows her the ability to prescribe medicines, saving both time and money for her patients.  

Harriet loves to maintain an active lifestyle outside of the podiatry clinic, having played state league indoor volleyball for 16 years, participating in the Bunbury triathlon in 2020 and regularly attending her strength and conditioning gym. 
Her keen interest in lower limb and foot biomechanics has stemmed from this lifelong love of sport and exercise. She particularly enjoys conducting running assessments on athletes of all experience levels and treating any foot pain which may be related.

She utilises her passion for movement when treating musculoskeletal injuries by applying a combination of modalities such as strength and conditioning, orthotic therapy and therapeutic adjuncts such as shockwave therapy, photobiomodulation therapy, dry needling and joint mobilisation therapy.

Tayla Forland Podiatrist

Tayla Forland

Podiatrist – B.PodMed, ASCA Level 1 S&C

Tayla has a specialised interest in foot and leg injuries, pain and conditions associated with ballet, dance and artistic sports for clients of all ages and experience levels.

She has completed further training and certifications in assisting patients with disability, pre-pointe preparation and assessments, pointe shoe fitting, Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), advanced dry needling and acupuncture techniques, sports taping techniques, radial shockwave therapy, and strength and conditioning.

Tayla is a compassionate and inspired podiatrist with experience in chronic nail and skin pathologies, sports biomechanics and injury rehabilitation. With over 17 years of experience as a dancer, Tayla developed a passion for dance podiatry. This means that she has a specialised interest in foot and leg injuries, pain and conditions associated with ballet, dance and artistic sports for clients of all ages and experience levels.

Angus McDonald Podiatrist

Angus McDonald

Podiatrist – B.PodMed, ASCA Level 1 S&C

Alongside his love for biomechanics, Angus has an interest in all aspects of podiatry including general foot & nail care, diabetic foot management and ingrown toenails. He has a caring, bubbly personality and  is particularly devoted to helping his clients reach their goals.

Angus graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Since then, he has taken an avid interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and lower limb biomechanics. This stems from his passion for sports and athletic performance, having played and coached a wide variety of competitive sports growing up.

His keen interest in sports saw Angus pursue a strength & conditioning path, gaining a Level 1 S&C Coach certification by the ASCA. He has helped individuals involved in a broad range of activities become better versions of themselves, most notably working as the head coach of a strength & performance gym in Paddington. He has been involved in a wide variety of individual and team-based sports over the past 4 years including rugby, soccer and athletics.

Laura Rabjohns Grier Podiatrist

Laura Grier (Laura Rabjohns)

Currently on Maternity Leave

Podiatrist – BHlthSc (Podiatry)


Laura has a background encompassing all aspects of podiatric practice, with a particular passion for complex biomechanical cases, human movement and toenail surgery.

Prior to opening Performance Podiatry Sydney in 2013, Laura spent three years operating in the Sydney CBD as head podiatrist at a large multi-disciplinary practice. This involved working with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and Pilates to achieve the best possible care for her clients. The case load of patients here was largely biomechanical and this was where she fine-tuned her orthotic prescription to suit the needs of the weekend warriors she was treating. It was here that Laura did additional training in dry needling and began to develop an interest in Radial Shockwave Therapy for the treatment of soft tissue injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis.