Diabetes Foot Assessments

Diabetes foot assessments are performed to detect any issues that could put suffers of diabetes at risk.

Diabetes is a serious and complex condition that affects more than 1.2 million Adult Australians.

Undiagnosed Diabetes and poorly managed blood sugar levels can have ill effects on the whole body and the feet and legs often suffer.

Our Podiatrists are expertly trained and highly experienced at providing foot care for patients diagnosed with diabetes.

How does diabetes affect your feet?

Diabetes can affect your feet and legs in 2 main ways:

Damaging the foot and leg nerves (Peripheral Neuropathy)

Damage to the nerves of the feet and legs can result in numbness, a loss of protective sensation, tingling, burning and significant pain. It can also be completely painless. Damage to the nerves can also impact on your bodies ability to use your muscles and can damage balance and co-ordination. This loss of feeling can result in some people being unaware of damage or injury to the skin and lead to the development of wounds and ulceration without them noticing.

Damaging the foot and leg blood flow  (Peripheral Vascular Disease)

Narrowing of the blood vessels results in a reduction in the amount of blood flow that is brought down to your feet and legs. This can limit your bodies ability to heal properly and in a timely fashion and can result in infection and wounds that risk becoming chronic ulcerations.

Foot wounds and ulcerations are an incredibly serious issue that can very easily result in hospitalisation and sometimes amputation. There are more than 4,400 amputations every year that result from diabetic foot wounds that are neglected and mismanaged in Australia.

Simple foot problems like these below can put your feet at risk of complications such as ulceration and amputation.

The good news is that all these complications can be avoided with proper diabetes care and regular foot care.

How Can We Help?


diabetes foot assessment

The diabetes foot assessment

It is essential that patients with diabetes are assessed at a minimum of 12 months to assess limb health and prevent deterioration.

Our Podiatrists are expertly trained at detecting and treating any issues that may be a result of Diabetes or that put you at risk of suffering a complication of diabetes.

In your diabetes foot assessment we will look at:

blood circulation

nerve function

skin condition

bone and joint function

walking style


We will also assess and treat any skin or nail lesions that may be putting you at risk. These may include things such as blisters, corns, calluses, cracked heels, bunions, ingrown toes nails and elongated toe nails to name a few.

After completing the assessment, we will advise you of your risk status and write a letter to your General Practitioner/Endocrinologist to outline our findings. We create a treatment plan tailored just for you to address any measures required and advise of at home practices that can be implemented to reduce risk between visits.

Podiatry is vital in the management of diabetes foot health & the prevention of diabetic foot complications.

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