Ingrown Toenails

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Treatment and removal of ingrown toenails

Ingrown or ingrowing toenails are an irritating, painful and often reoccurring problem where the corner of the toenail grows into the fleshy skin surrounding it. This leads to swelling, redness, sensitivity and sometimes infection as the sharp nail edge cuts into the sensitive surrounding skin.

You may find that you have an ingrown toenail if your toe becomes uncomfortable when wearing shoes. You may also notice an ingrown toenail if your toe hurts when something presses against it, such as your bed sheets or if you kick it against your coffee table. If left untreated it typically gets worse and results in severe pain as the micro-wound that is created becomes infected and swollen as the nail continues to grow.

Some people are predisposed to ingrown toenails due to their wide, curved or curled nails. Others may develop after wearing tight shoes or due to their poor nail cutting techniques.

Signs of an ingrown toenail?

Early signs of an ingrown toenail include:

  • Redness around the edge of the nail and toe
  • Pain caused by pushing on the nail or on the skin around the nail
  • Throbbing in the toe when sitting and laying down
  • Infection or pus at the edge of your toenail

You may also see a ‘nail hook’ or the edge of the nail may disappear into the skin. This is often where you feel most of the pain.

In more serious cases you may notice severe throbbing, redness extending past the toe, swelling and thickening of the skin over the nail edge. You may even find it painful to put any weight on the toe or fit it into shoes.

Ingrown Toenail Treatments

At Performance Podiatry we pride ourselves on our ability to provide effective, pain free and cost-effective treatment options to treat ingrown toenails. Our Podiatrists are extensively experienced and stay up to date, using the latest evidence and research to guide their treatments.

Early treatment of an ingrown toenail is the best treatment!

It is important to understand that ingrown toenails typically worsen without professional treatment. If you notice the signs of an ingrown toenail, you should seek professional treatment quickly. Being treated early reduces your chances of developing painful, infected and chronic ingrown toenails that need to be treated with more invasive techniques.

Conservative Treatment

Most of the ingrown toenails that we see in the clinic are able to be fixed on the spot in one of our 30-minute skin and nail consultations. In this situation, your Podiatrist is able to expertly and painlessly remove the offending piece of nail without cutting the skin and without requiring any anaesthetic or down time after your appointment. Your Podiatrist will investigate why your ingrown toenail occurred in the first place and will be able to give you advice on better nail cutting technique to ensure there are less complications for you in the future.

It will be Stress-Free

We pride ourselves on ensuring a comfortable, stress free experience for our patients. Our treatments are pain free, fast and extremely effective.

If you have any questions regarding ingrown nail treatments before your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact the Podiatrist prior to your appointment. We have several expert Podiatrists on hand that will be able to answer your questions.

Permanent Results

At Performance Podiatry we are extensively trained and experienced at performing a range of nail surgeries to provide permanent resolution of ingrown toe nails. These treatments are indicated when previous treatments have failed or when the ingrowing nails are stubborn and reoccurring.

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