Foot Mobilisation Therapy

The practice of Foot Mobilisation Therapy involves manual therapy aimed at improving foot and leg function.

The foot is an incredibly complex system of 23 bones and 33 joints that move independently and as a unit to absorb pressure and propel the body forward as we walk, run, jump and move. Restriction, dysfunction and poor alignment can impact on the ability of these joints to move freely and subsequently cause feelings of stiffness and pain and can commonly result in injury.

What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Foot Mobilisation is a hands on manual therapy that our Podiatrists routinely perform to improve foot and leg alignment and function.


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How does Foot Mobilisation work?

The one on one treatment gently moves the joints in a series of hands on sessions to gradually realign and restore the way the joints movement, similar to what can be experienced in an osteopathic, chiropractic or physiotherapy setting. These mobilisations are performed in a series of consecutive appointments (usually a week apart for 4-8 weeks) in a plan designed by your podiatrists. The regularity of the mobilisations is important so as to prevent the soft tissues (joint capsules, ligaments etc.) from returning to their pathological positions that originally caused the injury or malalignment.


foot mobilisation therapy (4)Integrating Foot Mobilisation Therapy into your treatment

Foot mobilisation is always coupled with an individually designed strength and conditioning program. Simply put, when Foot Mobilisation improves the flexibility and range of motion of the targeted joints, the strengthening program ensures that they stay in place. The combination of both the hands on treatment and strengthening program helps facilitate the best results. It enables optimum flexibility and fluidity of motion in the joints and strength and stability surrounding them. The aim of Foot Mobilisation is to provide an alternative, or complementary treatment to orthotics, drugs and surgery for biomechanical conditions.


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Skill and Precision

Our Podiatrists are highly experienced and extensively trained so that they can isolate the correct joints and perform the treatments with exceptional skill and accuracy. Our Podiatrists have invested significant time and resources into completing the most comprehensive Foot Mobilisation training with arguably the world leader FMT expert in Podiatry, Mr Ted Jedynak. If you are interested in FMT, please make an appointment with Performance Podiatry Sydney CBD or Darlinghurst today.


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