Flat Feet

flat foot treatments

What are the treatments available for flat feet?

Flat feet (Pes Planus) is a term used to describe excessive “rolling in” or pronation of the feet either while standing or in motion.

Pronation or “rolling in” is a normal movement that occurs whilst walking, it is necessary to help us absorb shock and walk on uneven terrain.

However rolling in too much, too far or too quickly can cause multiple problems in the short and long term.

Common symptoms of flat feet

Symptoms of flat feet can vary greatly and to differing degrees. Many individuals may experience no pain at all, whilst others may suffer from multiple issues including…

  1. Shin splints
  2. Ankle Pain
  3. Knee Pain
  4. Plantar Fasciitis
  5. Bunions
  6. Ankle Pain
  7. Knee Pain
  8. Mortons Neuroma
  9. Ball of the foot pain
  10. Hip pain
  11. Lower back pain
  12. Thigh pain

What Causes Flat Feet?

There are many causes of abnormal pronation and flat feet. The most common include

  • Hypermobility of the ligaments in the foot that support the arch. This occurs naturally in around 10% of the population.
  • Weakness in the muscles that support the arch.
  • Abnormal rotation of the legs and hips. Can be caused by weak muscles around the hip or tight muscles around the hip.
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Abnormal biomechanical patterns.

Common flat feet treatments

To allow us to determine the underlying causes of your flat feet, a Biomechanical Assessment is performed. This is an in depth investigation in to the factors contributing to your flat feet that allows us to determine what effects they are having on your body.


Once this is established, an individualised treatment plan will be put into place. What treatments are utilised is dependent on the severity of any issues and the individuasl short and long term goals. Treatment may involve things such as strapping, Orthotic therapy, footwear modification, footwear advice, muscle strengthening and stretching programs and foot mobilisation therapy.


If you have any questions regarding flat feet call us today or book in for a biomechanical assessment online.

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