Are there orthotics for bunions? Do they help?

Orthotics For Bunions

If you have been looking for something to help stop your bunions from getting bigger and bigger, or would like to ease the associated pain from them, you may have considered orthotics. Before we delve into how orthotics can help bunions, let’s examine what a bunion is and what causes it.

Do orthotics help bunions?

A bunion is the deviation of the big toe towards the second toe. As a result, a “lump” forms at the base of the big toe joint where the toe has been pushed inwards. Because of this misalignment, the joint starts to function differently and osteoarthritis often develops. As time goes on, the bunion gets bigger (the deviation becomes larger) and it often becomes painful to walk on or painful when rubbing against shoes.

What causes bunions?

Bunions are caused by a number of factors – namely instability and excessive movement within the foot. Ordinarily flexibility in the body is a good thing, however when there is too much flexibility in the foot, it becomes unstable. For example, it can lead to over-pronation in the foot (flattening of the arch), which contributes to the formation of a bunion. Other contributing factors include tight shoes as they push the big toe further inwards and high heels as they promote excessive forces through the big to joint. It is commonly asserted that bunions are hereditary, but rather the foot type is inherited (such as flexible, unstable) and this contributes to the bunion formation.

Can orthotics help bunions?

Thankfully the use of orthotics can reduce some of these excessive forces, alter foot and leg biomechanics and mitigate some of these abnormal forces that contribute to the bunion forming and getting larger. They can reduce pain by improving alignment and reducing abnormal pressures at the joint. Although they do not make the bunion smaller, they can eliminate the need for surgery, reduce your pain and slow the growth of the bunion. This is why it is important to act quickly and prevent the bunion from getting large and painful.

Fitting orthotics for sports shoes, casual shoes or others is a great first step to addressing the problem.  So take the initiative and make an appointment with a Performance Podiatry expert to assess your feet. Orthotics are a great way to treat this potentially painful condition before it becomes a big problem.

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