Mortons Neuroma

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Mortons Neuroma is one of the most common conditions we treat at Performance Podiatry. As Mortons neuroma has the potential to cause long term pain and disability, we choose to treat Mortons Neuroma as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is a Mortons Neuroma?

Mortons Neuroma (or neuritis) is the inflammation and sometimes scarring of a nerve that runs between the long bones in the ball of the foot (metatarsals). It can cause shooting pain, tingling, numbness and swelling. The pain is usually exacerbated by walking, running or standing on tip toes.

This condition can be particularly debilitating and impacts on the activities we usually enjoy. If ignored, the nerve may become thicker and scarred, making it more complex to treat.

Factors that predispose individuals to Mortons Neuroma: 

  • High foot arches
  • Flat feet
  • Bunions and hammer toes
  • Certain sporting activities
  • Restrictive footwear

Fortunately, a neuroma is usually very easy to diagnose and we can begin treatment immediately. We may refer you to have an ultrasound after your initial appointment to confirm if the nerve has scar tissue.

Treatment for Mortons Neuroma

Once diagnosed, there are plenty of potential treatment options our podiatrists may use depending on the individual presentation. Common treatments include:

  • Temporary padding and taping
  • Shoe inserts, padding and orthotics, which are proven methods of controlling symptoms
  • Footwear modification
  • Short term treatment advice including over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, rest, ice and activity modification.
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Gait Retraining – using visual feedback to modify the way you walk on our state of the art Zebris force and pressure analysis treadmill
  • The use of carbon fibre plates worn within your shoes (very slim, very effective!)

If you think you may be suffering from a Mortons Neuroma, be sure to book an appointment with Performance Podiatry today and have your symptoms assessed and properly diagnosed. We are experts at managing foot pain of all forms. You don’t need to be living in pain any longer.

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