Foot Arch Pain

foot arch pain

Causes and treatment of foot arch pain

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in the arch of your foot? Perhaps it becomes disabling as you try to do sport or walk long distances. In today’s blog we will examine the role of the foot arch and how it can become injured.

Your foot arch is a crucial functional piece of anatomy that allows us to walk, run and jump. Any activities that involve moving forward using the foot requires the arch recoil energy from the ground through the foot and up into the body. When structures in this area are stretched and strained, it results in foot arch pain.

The foot arch is a triangular shape between the heel and the ball of the foot and the highest part of the foot between these two. See below for a diagram.

The foot arch is comprised of the plantar fascia, the tarsal and metatarsal bones, and several ligaments and tendons. Your foot arch helps you to absorb stress, stabilise and balance your body and adapt to uneven surfaces.

The most common parts of the foot arch to become injured and painful are the plantar fascia and the tibialis posterior tendon.

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Arch Pain

If your plantar fascia is injured (also known as plantar fasciitis or plantar fasciosis), you will often be able to feel a stringy band running up the inside of the foot. This is a sign that the plantar fascia is tight and overused. This condition often occurs in people with high foot arches or flat feet, but may also be the result of poor footwear or particular activities. This creates foot arch pain underneath the foot arch.

Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction / Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

The tibialis posterior (posterior tibial) muscle attaches to the bone at the highest part of the foot arch. It is responsible for lifting the arch while standing and moving. If the foot arch flattens out during the walking cycle, the tibialis posterior tendon is pulled and used excessively, causing small tears in the tendon. As we continue to walk and go about our daily activities, this muscle never has a chance to rest, which can result in a cycle of non-healing. This creates foot arch pain at the top or inside of the foot arch.

Any type of foot arch pain should be treated quickly as it can develop into a more serious injury such as a torn tendon or fascia, and can lead to referred pain in other parts of the foot, leg, hip or back. Be sure to have a podiatrist assess you and start a management plan as quickly as possible.


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