Severs Disease

severs disease treatment

Causes and treatments for severs disease

Severs Disease is a painful condition where the calf muscle / Achilles tendon pulls away from the heel bone growth centre causing an inflammatory response in children. It is also known as ‘growing pain’.

Severs Disease is usually self-limiting and will resolve on its own, however this may take years, meaning your child may miss out on sport and other activities during these foundational moments. It typically occurs in children that are 8-14 years old.

Treatment of Severs Disease

Treatment issued by a podiatrist can speed up this recovery process. Ideally treatment should be immediate so that your child is not forced to forego activities such as team sports.

Severs Disease TreatmentAlthough each child is different, those with Severs Disease usually have subtle biomechanical variations that exacerbate the traction and consequently their heel pain. When these are addressed, we see a significant pain reduction and a return to sport within weeks.

Performance Podiatry uses visual and video gait assessment software to identify these mechanical problems. Our podiatrists may refer for additional imaging if they suspect a tarsal coalition or other inherited pathology. Your podiatrist may prescribe exercises, stretches, foot orthotics, gentle foot mobilisations or temporary shoe raises amongst other treatment options.

If you are concerned that your child is experiencing heel pain or growing pains in their legs, book an appointment with one of our experienced podiatrists to get them back to leading a healthy, pain-free childhood.

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