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What is sesamoiditis and what is the best sesamoiditis treatment?

Sesamoiditis is a common injury of the foot, causing pain in the ball of the foot, specifically under the big toe joint. The sesamoids are two small bones under your big toe joint and are responsible for guiding and protecting the tendons that run into the big toe. Given the nature of their role and their position in our feet, they can be quite susceptible to injuries.

Sesamoiditis refers to the inflammation of the tendons attached to the sesamoid bones, which is accompanied by swelling through the balls of your feet and pain when moving the big toe joint. Damage to the sesamoid bone, such as stress fractures, may also result in sesamoiditis.

What causes Sesamoiditis?

Due to the characteristics of the injury, there are numerous possible causes for sesamoiditis. These may include:

  • Activities/ sports that involve repetitive or excessive loading of the ball of the foot – such as running or dancing.
  • Direct trauma to the big toe
  • Wearing ill-fitting footwear, including high heels.
  • Those with high or low foot arches

What are the symptoms of Sesamoiditis?

With pain under the big toe, there are particular symptoms that may indicate sesamoiditis:

  • Gradual increase of pain under the big toe and ball of your foot
  • Pain when weight bearing
  • Pain when bending the big toe joint
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Possible callus development under the big toe

What can your podiatrist do to help manage Sesamoiditis?

Here at Performance Podiatry, our experienced podiatrists will happily help treat you and get you back on your feet in one piece! First we will assess your pain in order to make a diagnosis, then we will talk through a management plan. Possible treatment options may include:

  • Biomechanical assessments to assess possible risk factors of sesamoiditis. 
  • Temporary deflective padding to offload the area
  • Specific sesamoiditis taping
  • Footwear advice
  • Orthotic therapy to address the biomechanical cause 

Severe cases may require immobilisation or casting, but for most people sesamoiditis should be managed in 2-6 weeks. Long term therapy must be geared to identifying the cause of your big toe pain and managing biomechanics with adequate footwear and orthotic therapy.

If you are experiencing pain under your big toe or in the balls of your feet, make sure you book an appointment with your podiatrist at Performance Podiatry. We will be able to adequately assess and diagnose the source of your symptoms and get you pain free in no time! Call Performance Podiatry or book your appointment online now.

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