Onyfix – A simple treatment for ingrown toenails

Onyfix ingrown toenail treatment used by podiatrists at Performance Podiatry

How can Onyfix help my ingrown toenails?

Onyfix offers a non-surgical option for treating and preventing painful ingrowing toenails. It is a great, pain-free option for those with involuted (curved nails). Our podiatrists individually adapt the Onyfix treatment to suit each patient. This article will explain more about the Onyfix process and who is most suited.


What type of painful toenails does Onyfix most benefit?


Onyfix is a great treatment for:

  • Involuted (curved) nails without bony spurs growing underneath the nail bed. Involuted nails are one of the most common causes of recurrent ingrowing toenails. If you are concerned about an underlying bony spur affecting the shape of the nail, our podiatrists can assist with assessing and managing this condition prior to treatment.
  • Toenails after ingrown toenail surgery. Here, Onyfix can prevent curving and nail shape changes during healing.
  • Recurrent ingrowing, involuted toenails where a patient does not want to undergo nail surgery, or cannot undergo surgery due to other health conditions or contraindications.
  • Recurrent ingrowing, involuted toenails where the patient may not be able to take time off work or activity following nail surgery.


How does Onyfix work?


Onyfix works by altering the shape of the nail at the proximal edge (base) of the nail, to influence the growth of the nail as it grows out. Our podiatrists apply a calcite strip of about 2mm width to the base of the nail, which grows out with the nail for approximately 8-12 weeks. The Onyfix strip influences the shape of the nail by decreasing the curve (involution) of the nail as it grows. Some patients may need a second strip to ensure long-term results if the nail is very aggressively involuted.

What is the process of application?

  • Your podiatrist will prepare your nail with a nail drill to slightly thin the base of the nail.
  • We clean away any dust or debris.
  • We then apply a small amount of primer with a cotton tip to the area and cure for 20 seconds with a blue light.
  • We apply a small amount of OnyFix in a 2-3mm strip at the base of the nail. Your podiatrist will cure this for 30 seconds with a blue light.

Can nail polish be applied over Onyfix?

Yes, we are often asked this question! You may apply nail polish over the top of the Onyfix strip, but ensure that you remove the nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

If you are concerned about ingrowing toenails or would like to book an Onyfix consultation, call or book online today. Our podiatrists are experts in the treatment  of ingrowing toenails and would love to solve your ingrowing toenails for good!

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