Ingrown toenail removal

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Does removing an ingrown toenail hurt?

Removing ingrown toenails can cause a great deal of unnecessary anxiety in all types of people. At Performance Podiatry we have witnessed burly men shaking and sweating anxiously while awaiting treatment. For this reason, ingrown toenail removal require a gentle approach.

Luckily, there are various treatment options available to suit the preferences of those suffering from this painful condition. There is also pain management that can be offered in clinic. The use of local anaesthetic on the toe is simple and we are pleased to offer it to those concerned about pain.

What is the recovery time after the ingrown toenail has been removed?

Most Performance Podiatry clients report that following the ingrown toenail removal comes great relief. When we remove the piece of nail that is causing the discomfort, you should immediately experience improvement, but it may take another 24-48 hours to fully resolve. More complicated or long-standing cases may require ingrown toenail surgery.

ingrown toenail removal

Will I get another ingrown toenail?

The most common question I am asked in relation to ingrown toenail treatment is “will this hurt?” quickly followed by “will this happen again?”

This is a more complex question and it depends on the cause of the ingrown toenail.

  • Was it an acute injury?
  • Was it caused by tight shoes
  • Is the nail too wide or curved?
  • Is the nail deformed?
  • Did sports play a role?

From these questions, we can ascertain if the ingrowing toenail will recur.

In many but not all cases, the toenail needs a more permanent treatment, such as slightly reducing the width or curvature of the nail. This is called “ingrown toenail surgery”, “wedge resection” or a “partial nail avulsion”. It is very important that the podiatrist or surgeon is conscious of how the nail will appear afterwards; as removing too large a portion of nail can result in an unattractive nail after healing.

There is also no need for permanent scarring, as the modern techniques call for the use of a caustic cauterising agent rather than an incision.

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