Treating heel pain and plantar fasciitis at home

plantar fasciitis treatment

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis treatments.

Heel pain can be incredibly debilitating and affect your quality of life. Heel pain should always be treated with a sense of urgency so that it does the body does not compensate for too long, consequently causing other injuries to occur. Before trying any of these at-home treatment methods it is important to ensure you have the correct diagnosis. So make sure you have seen a podiatrist or for more clues as to what your heel pain could be, look at our Causes of Heel Pain blog.

Home treatments for heel pain and plantar fasciitis

  1. Stretch your Calf Muscles
  2. Foot massage
  3. Use an anti-inflammatory gel

 Stretch your Calf Muscles

Stretching out your calf muscles is a great way to kick start healing at the plantar fascia (heel). It indirectly stretches out the band that runs along the sole of the foot (plantar fascia), thereby reducing stress in the sole of the foot. If you have tight calf muscles, then this is a must for at home treatment.

Massage the Foot

This is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce inflammation at the site of your heel pain. And if you live near a golf or tennis course- it could come at no cost! Massaging the sole of the foot using a tennis ball, golf ball or coke bottle helps to reduce inflammation and adhesions along the plantar fascia, as well as facilitate an improved “stretch” when walking. What we suggest is to begin by sitting down and rolling the sole of the foot along the ball/bottle for approximately 5 minutes. Do not press too hard – it should feel slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

Use an Anti-Inflammatory Gel

Anti-inflammatory gels are a great way to relieve pain and inflammation in the initial stages of healing (first 1-2 weeks). They have few unwanted side effects with short term use and act locally rather than needing to be ingested. If the pain has been present for longer than 2 weeks however, the anti-inflammatory gel will mask the problem rather than treating it. So make sure you see a podiatrist for treatment if it reaches this point.

Remember- It is always best to have a thorough assessment performed by a health professional. If left untreated heel pain can become debilitating and impact significantly on your quality of life. If you are concerned, seek treatment immediately.

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