Can I see a podiatrist near me?

Should I book an appointment with a podiatrist near me?
There are a number of factors to consider when booking a podiatry appointment near you. The most important is the question of is a podiatrist right for me?Laura Grier Podiatry Sydney

Time and time again, we see just how beneficial podiatry can be when helping people become the healthiest, most comfortable and most functional version of themselves. Podiatrists manage a range of health conditions, enhance movement, rehabilitate injuries and improve quality of life. At our three Sydney clinics, we see a variety of concerns from people of all walks of life. No matter how great or small your issue, book in with your local podiatrist. We are here for all your foot related concern.

What conditions can podiatrists treat?

As podiatrists, we deal with a wide range of foot conditions. This includes the management of foot & lower leg injuries, by improving pain, increasing mobility and boosting confidence whilst moving. We also deal with all kinds of chronic conditions, ranging from skin and nail concerns, dermatological issues, diabetes and wound management.

Among the many conditions that a podiatrist can treat are ingrown nails, bunions, plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, heel pain, flat feet, achilles tendinopathy, warts and corns. Podiatrist’s can also help patients in a number of other ways, such as referring for X rays and other imaging, conduct nail surgery and some of us can even prescribe medications such as antibiotics and cortisone injections.

The most common issue treated by podiatrists?

After many years of working as a clinical podiatrist, the most common issue we see in our patients is heel pain. Heel pain is a broad diagnosis and can develop due to a number of conditions, including plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, stress fractures, muscle tightness and nerve injury just to name a few.

We treat heel pain using a range of modalities, which may include orthotics, shockwave therapy, stretching & strengthening exercises, soft tissue release and footwear advice.

Do you need a referral to see a podiatrist in Australia?

A referral is not required to make an appointment with a podiatrist in Australia. Performance Podiatry has an easy-to-use online and over the phone booking system. You can also find us on HotDoc. Meaning you can make an appointment at the earliest opportunity. We accept all health funds, and a doctor’s referral is not required to receive the eligible rebate

Can you claim a podiatry appointment through Medicare?

For certain conditions, your Doctor can organise a Medicare EPC plan (enhanced primary care plan). This allows you to have up to five rebated podiatry appointments per year through MediCare. If you’d like to check your eligibility, please talk to your local Doctor.

Without an EPC plan, you will be unable to claim your podiatry appointment through Medicare.

Is it better to see a podiatrist or physiotherapist?

It can understandably be ‘difficult’ to know whether to see a podiatrist or physiotherapist for the management of your feet. Both will assist in helping manage your concern, although…
Given the training and experience of a podiatrist, it is widely recommended to see a podiatrist for the management of foot and/or ankle issues. If you are experiencing symptoms in other areas of the body, a review with a physiotherapist is encouraged.

Performance Podiatry operates within combined clinic settings. We work closely with our physiotherapist team, assuring each patient is treated with a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.

When should you start seeing a podiatrist?

We advise that you book an appointment with your podiatrist as soon as you notice signs & symptoms. Such as pain in your feet, ingrown nails, rashes, swelling and redness. If you experience other health concerns, such as diabetes, arthritis, problems with footwear and running assessments, we recommend booking in with a podiatrist.

It is all too common for people to see their local podiatrist after suffering for weeks/ months. Many foot issues won’t resolve on their own, so be sure book an appointment before your signs and symptoms intensify.

Can feet indicate health problems?

While many wouldn’t consider feet an indicator of health, there are a number of signs and symptoms that provide a good understanding for toenail health concerns. As our feet are the furthest body part from our heart & central nervous system, many health conditions will affect our feet first.

Here are some examples:
Swollen big toe: This may indicate gout, a system condition that causes extreme swelling and pain to certain joints.
Tingling or numbness in your feet: This may be a sign for peripheral neuropathy, a diagnosis that results in the loss of function of our nerves. Peripheral neuropathy can be a side effect of many conditions such as diabetes.
Cold Feet: This may represent a reduction in blood travelling to your feet. This may stem from conditions such as diabetes, peripheral arterial disease and hypothyroidism
Swollen ankles: Swollen ankles occur from blood and bodily fluids not being able to

What can a podiatrist do for thick toenails?

Thick toenails are one of the most common concerns we see as a podiatrist. Treatment options may vary depending on the cause and diagnosis.

In general, podiatrist can manage thick toenails by cutting, filing and drilling to reduce the length and bulk of the nail. This can be incredibly beneficial for those who experience pain, pressure or rubbing from the thickness of their nails. It may also increase the effectiveness of nail oils and topical nail medications.

Why should someone book in to see a podiatrist near me?

Patients will often book in to see a Performance Podiatrist to help manage an injury, medical condition or concern of their feet & lower leg. Foot problems affect people from all walks of life, ranging from children to elderly patients.

Performance Podiatry clinicians understand your conecerns. We spend the time to assess, diagnose and implement a treatment plan assuring you’re back on your feet pain free as soon as possible. Our podiatrists work alongside you to meet your expectations and reach your goals.


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