Walking and Running Assessments

Have your walking and running assessed on our state-of-the-art Zebris pressure and force analysis treadmill. Using this, your podiatrist will capture and relay information about the way that you walk and run in a matter of minutes, giving us invaluable information to help get you better faster.

Whether you’re a casual walker or a competitive runner, a walking & running assessment is essential to understand your body and how you move. Everyone has their own unique movement characteristics. So, having our podiatrists assess your individual movement style will allow you to maintain your favourite types of exercise and activity, to the highest standard. 

What is involved in a Walking & Running Assessment?

A podiatry biomechanical assessment checks how your feet, legs and body function during movement. This helps us to identify the relationship between your individual movement features and how they may contribute to pain, risk of injury or impaired performance. It also allows us to diagnose your symptoms to assure we can implement the best treatment plan for you. 

A walking & running assessment is combined with a biomechanical assessment, so that your podiatrist can get a complete picture of how your body is functioning. Your podiatrist will look at specific features such as the way in which your foot hits the ground, absorbs shock and propels your body forward into the next step. They will also note which body parts are absorbing higher or poorly positioned loads as a result of your feet. These body parts include the knees, calves, hips and lower back amongst others. They will look at the timing of you moving through your walking or running cycle and thanks to our revolutionary Zebris gait analysis system, they can quantify this data and compare to others. 

Your walking and running assessment and consultation will include:

  • Recording a detailed history of your exercise and activity levels
  • Joint mobility and muscle strength screening
  • Walking &/or running analysis
  • Foot and leg strength & stability screening
  • Footwear recommendations and other treatments
  • Walking &/or running training if required

What will you get out of a Walking & Running Assessment?

Our expert podiatrists aim to help you understand the way you move and how that may lead to injuries. With a walking & running assessment, you will leave the consultation with the following:

  • Assistance with walking & running technique
  • Tools to help reduce your risk of injury during exercise
  • A plan to help manage long term aches and pains
  • Individualised exercise programs to build strength & stability
  • Advice on what footwear best suits your foot type. 

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Zebris Treadmill Analysis

State-of-the-art walking and running assessments

We can capture detailed information about your walking and running technique

Have your walking and running assessed on our state-of-the-art Zebris pressure and force analysis treadmills in our Sydney CBD and Darlinghurst clinics. Using this, your podiatrist can capture detailed information about your walking & running technique in a matter of minutes, giving us valuable insight to help you get back on your feet faster.

Our Zebris treadmill has 7000 pressure sensors that track and analyse your feet with each step you take. This allows us to look at your foot mechanics in depth and assess this relationship with your legs, knees, hips and back. 


What can we gain from a Zebris force-pressure treadmill assessment?

  • Measure and assess the force and pressure in different segments of your feet
  • Measure and assess how even your weight distribution is between left and right side
  • Measure and assess the symmetry between your right and left side
  • Measure and assess the efficiency of your “foot roll”
  • Measure and assess how effectively you use your big toe for balance and propulsion
  • Measure and assess how much your weak/tight calves and hamstrings are affecting your walking/running
  • Measure and assess any “hot spots” that can occur on each foot

Customised therapy after your assessment

Following the Zebris analysis, your podiatrist will take you through the information recorded and create a customised therapy plan based on the results.

If you think you would benefit from a walking or running assessment, be sure to book an appointment with Performance Podiatry today. Our expert podiatrists are here to refine your technique and help you stay injury-free for longer!

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