Shockwave Therapy

What is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment used to relieve pain and repair injuries. It is especially effective in treating stubborn and long-standing muscle and tendon conditions.

The treatment is an affordable, in-office treatment that requires no time off work, has no side-effects and is clinically proven to be effective.

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How does shockwave therapy work?

Shockwave Therapy uses high pressured acoustic shockwaves that travel through the skin to break down targeted tissue and stimulate tissue repair. Essentially it kick starts the body’s natural healing mechanisms and accelerates the healing process without the need of anaesthetics, medications or other inorganic substances.

More specifically, it works by…

  • Increasing circulation
  • Breaking down calcification deposits
  • Stimulating fibroblast (soft tissue cells) production – healing ligaments, tendons, muscles etc.
  • Stimulating osteoblast (bone cells) production – healing bone
  • Stimulating the “gate-control” mechanism for pain relief
  • Inhibiting Cox II Enzyme, producing an anti-inflammatory effect


What does a shockwave treatment involve?Shockwave therapy on Plantar fasciitis

Your Podiatrist will apply some gel around the area of injury and a hand held piece is placed on the surface of the skin. The wave pulses are transmitted through the head of the hand piece through the skin in a controlled manner to reach the injured area.

The treatment itself only takes a few minutes and is almost always combined with an exercise and rehabilitation plan designed by your Podiatrist to address the cause of the pain and factors that initially led to the development of the condition.


How soon will I see results?

Most patients experience a small pain reduction and a greater range of movement immediately after the procedure. The full extent of your Shockwave Therapy treatment is usually experienced in the days and weeks after the treatment, once the body has had time to heal.

Your results will also depend on the severity and longevity of your injury. To ensure a speedy resolution, other factors contributing to your injury will also need to be addressed. These factors will be determined in your initial Biomechanical Assessment.


Shockwave therapy dolorclast

How well does Shockwave Therapy really work?

Shockwave therapy has proven its safety and efficacy in many clinical trials and scientific studies.

The most commonly cited effectiveness in these studies is approximately 80% with some studies showing it to be effective in healing 95% of cases. Importantly, it has been proven to reduce the pain and improve the quality of life in patients who suffer from muscle and tendon injuries.


Does Shockwave Therapy hurt?

Shockwave therapy is nothing to be afraid of.

You may experience some mild tenderness for the short amount of the time that the treatment is applied due to the nature of an injury being present. The settings of the Shockwave Therapy machine are adjusted to ensure you are comfortable for the entirety of the session, and we continue to check in with you and adjust them further as required.


What does a course of Shockwave Therapy involve?

A course of Shockwave Therapy usually consists of weekly treatments for 3-6 weeks. Each week we will check in to monitor the progress of your healing.


Shockwave therapy is effective at treating:shockwave therapy
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spur Syndrome
  • Achilles Tendon injury
  • Shin Splints
  • Knee pain
  • Painful trigger points
  • Osgood Schlatters Disease
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Muscle Strains
  • Haematomas


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