Footwear Assessments

Did you know the quality and type of shoe you wear can have a significant impact on the way that you walk or run?


Choosing sport and running shoes

Footwear and running shoes are the single most important piece of equipment for anyone running or participating in sporting activities.

footwear assessmentsA shoe must fit the dimensions of the foot properly and have the appropriate amount and placement of support to aid the body’s natural biomechanical pattern. This will in turn maximise comfort, decrease injury risk and ensure efficient performance whilst participating in your sport or activity.

Footwear and running shoes are constantly changing and developing with new technologies and advancements. Naturally, our team love shoes, we pride ourselves on the fact we stay up to date with latest research and developments in the industry. This means that we can we can accurately prescribe specific shoes based on your biomechanical pattern, individual needs, your movement goals and injury history.


Choosing casual and work shoes

footwear assessments

Everyday and work shoes can impact on the way you walk and are a leading cause of foot and leg injuries.

We have seen it all when it comes to ill-fitting and inappropriate shoes and we routinely witness the pain and distress that they can cause. We also understand the importance of having shoes that suit your work or social environment and we will not suggest orthopaedic shoes for a corporate work environment. Having these shoes assessed can reduce your risk of injury, long-term changes in foot shape and importantly, increase your comfort to ensure you can wear these shoes for longer and with less discomfort.


“My previous podiatrist told me to wear ‘ugly’ shoes. Will you do the same?”

Absolutely not. Your shoes need to suit the social or physical activity you will be using them for. If you are in a formal corporate environment, we will suggest shoes to suit this. Similarly, if you are a university student, we will provide options that won’t make you look dowdy. We know our shoes and will have an abundance of brand options and styles for you to consider.


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