Feet Strengthening Treatments

Here at Performance Podiatry, we value movement and exercise as one of the most important factors in life. Not only is it healthy, but exercise and strength work can be very beneficial for rehabilitation and injury management.

Whether you’re dealing with pain, have a history of injuries or are just looking to improve your movement over the long term, our podiatrists are experts at prescribing foot and lower leg strengthening exercises tailored to the individual.


What you can expect at an appointment at Performance Podiatry


  • Your podiatrist will record a complete history of your injury or pain
  • They will perform a thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis of your injury. This may involve referring you for x-ray, ultrasound or MRI. 
  • Functional strength testing to assess for any points of weakness in the surrounding areas
  • Assessment of your standing, walking or running style, focusing on any anomalies or asymmetries
  • A foot, lower leg and/or pelvis strength program tailored to your needs
  • Demonstrations on how to perform the exercises effectively
  • Exercise progressions that can be given at short or long intervals, to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly and that you are on the path to recovery


Which muscles or muscle groups might I be given exercises to target?

Every human body is unique and therefore requires a unique treatment approach. However, the muscle groups that we most commonly need to give exercises to address weaknesses, imbalances or restrictions are:

  • Calves
  • Intrinsic foot muscles
  • Extrinsic foot muscles
  • Glutes (your butt)
  • Quardriceps
  • Hip Flexors


If you are looking to manage an injury, or just want to build strength and walk, run or move more confidently, book a Sports Podiatry or Injury Consultation with Performance Podiatry today.

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